SENAI 2017: Cursos Gratuitos e Inscrições

SENAI 2017 Cursos Gratuitos e Inscrições

SENAI 2017 – The National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), is a private Brazilian non-profit public institution that composes the so-called Third Domain. Over the years it has brought buyer satisfaction with offering customized solutions and also integrated top confederate quantity that meet the needs of the industry.

SENAI 2017 Free Courses and Registration
SENAI 2017 Free Courses and Registration

SENAI 2017: Free Courses and Registration

SENAI is in charge of promoting professional and technological teaching, innovation and also transferring industrial technologies, contributing to raise the competitiveness of the Brazilian Industry. Several professionals look for an institution to be well known and also also offer a differentiated service and also excellent quality.

You who are interested in entering industrial market, is of course in all information, that be in the articles escort contents that guiding guide transpose advanced its competitors, because a vacancy in the industry is quite concurred. See now the secrecy of success, perfecting curriculum with SENAI courses that however freeing delight and also among everything market work already.

Generated in 1942, the aim is to support 28 industrial areas through the training of human resources and also the provision of technical and technological services. The SENAI 2017 courses offer professional training programs in the areas of apprenticeship, habilitation, qualification, University graduate.

In addition, it also provides technological services, advice, consulting, applied research, industrial printing, laboratory services, technological information.

Senai Free Courses

With courses taught in person or in a pause, the Senai courses seek to promise professional development and also approximation to the education of humanity. Thus, the modalities offered are intended to assent that those completing vocational training partially acquired work place, still, get jobs.

SENAI offered courses in the following categories:

  • Industrial Learning Capital Level;
  • Industrial Apprenticeship;
  • Professional qualification;
  • Professional Home.

The professional qualification actions carried out by the free Senai courses formed 647 million staff throughout the vernacular territory, 1942 chips. In addition to the traditional prototype face-to-face teaching, in its 518 fixed units and also 504 mobile units in 27 million Brazilian prefectures, Senai empowers and also Form professionals on break courses, which are to the academic ordering 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The EAD courses are designed to be carried out in a Virtual Learning Environment, with accessible materials and also textbooks that guide the students to carry out virtual activities and also face-to-face, besides counting on monitors and also tutors, offer a certificate equal to that of the face-to-face courses.

Senai Registration 2017

Not to be a service that is likely to be found throughout, SENAI has units in every state. In this way, the vacancies are open at the state level, and in all areas students should also look for units close to their cities and also check which courses are still open. On the state pages, it is possible to carry out the Senai inscriptions and also unravel the courses available.

The inscriptions SENAI 201 7 occur throughout the year, classes are open monthly. Just check if you meet the prerequisites, if class interest is possible is only to register through the address below:

When entering an Internet site, the applicant must provide a small number of data:

  • RG;
  • Issuing Body;
  • State;
  • CPF.

Later fill in this information just click on “Log in” and also you will be redirected there page where you will prefer the course.

Above all, Senai prepares selective processes for admission to the courses:

  • Industrial Learning – Relying Companies Contributors to Senai;
  • Industrial Learning – Community;
  • Technicians;
  • Superior Knowledge;
  • Articulate Teaching Sesi-Senai;
  • Professional Qualification Courses.

Participating in the selective processes in the SENAI 2017 courses , there are a small number of requirements that those interested must complete at least one year of high school, or be in high school. In higher level courses it is necessary that the interested ones have complete secondary education. SENAI also offers courses in copious areas of knowledge in partnership with PRONATEC. Only the high school students in the public school system can participate in these courses, beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família, the respective dependents.

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